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                  according to Gerda Boyesen

"Lust is in the body.

Lust is the feeling of circulating life energy.

Then to live is beautiful.

"To guide people into this state is the basic principle of my work."

Gerda Boyesen

Member of:

Biodynamic body therapy solves

old, also prenatal energy blocks,

caused by shocks or

Traumata, that act negatively on body

and soul.

One of the great discoveries from

Gerda Boyesen is the Psychoperistaltics.

It digests residual stress

and metabolic residues in

muscles and skin tissue and thus dissolves them.

of central importance for the

origin of these tensions and

deposits is the fright reflex


In any dangerous situation,

In which we are physically, emotionally

or psychologically stressed,

In which we couldn't flee or fight,

The body reacts with this reflex:

increased inhalation,

stopping to breath and pulling together

our flexion muscles.

Residual stress remains in the body.

The biological rhythm

- Tension (CHARGING) -

Relaxation (unloading)

Is disturbed.

The muscles remain a little tense

exhalation does not occur

completely, the diaphragm is in

a steady state of tension.

metabolic - Residues, especially adrenaline and

lactic acid, are stored in skin or muscle tissue.

If these leftovers are not removed from the

organism, they gradually transform into muscle,

tissue and visceral armor,

which later create, on both physical

or psychological level,

discomfort and alienates the

person from himself and his environment.

through vegetotherapy -

remembering and venting of old stress states –

As well as special energetic massages

with the stethoscope, Deep Draining -

Gerda Boyesen method.

During these courses the psychoperistaltics

digests and eliminates old stress conditions

These blockades are gradually dissolved and

the person is back in touch with

their own life energy.

It is displayed in:

in the resolution of traumatic

experiences - general discomfort,

lack of energy, not being able to rest, ever-recurring,

circular thoughts,

"To be too much inside the head",

depression, crisis during divorce,

midlife or menopause,

in psychosomatic disorders

and stress symptoms such as heart palpitations,

panic attacks, insomnia, tinnitus,


It helps to

to a new access to the body,

better body awareness,

understanding of what was to which

what is, to let go of old

trauma, old patterns, constricting

feelings, old insults and

injuries, in the mental plane

and in the physical plane,

accompanied by strong detoxification

and relaxation processes.

it causes growth

Lust, Well-being and Feelings of Melting and Oneness

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