Thank you - DANKE


Hello and a wonderful good day you today,


I'm grateful that my parents have met by chance and

That even under most adverse circumstances,

Have supported me to become who I am,

THANKS for the wonderful N A T U R E, that surrounds me here

at PODERE CARBONE, in which I may live,

THANK YOU for my wonderful profession and the many

People I can accompany on their way

And to whom I and them meet me with their hearts


In systemic work – known also as family constellations -

it is always about establishing the basic orders

In the family - in the family system.

Then the POWER and LOVE can flow!

In order to change our point of view in this direction,

We can’t avoid, even if it is sometimes

Painful, to pay attention to the lives of others,

BEING THANKFUL that they were there before us, with us

And give us life - our parents – our Ancestors!

This gradually changes our point of view

To earlier situations and this our present life.

You will then arrive in YOUR LIFE!

Like Shawn Achor - Harvard professor, discovered now in

A long-term study in 45 countries,

It is about

Viewing the positive in our life


Lead to a stronger sense of happiness,

This is the key to success

And to A balanced and

Happy life, says Achor.

Achor pleads that every day

We should be grateful for

3 new things or qualities

And that for 21 days

Just try it out, it costs nothing!

I advise you to look at: your ancestors, your parents,

Your ex-partners, your children, the nature and your work with


And to receive a different angle of view

For your LIFE.

I wish you a lot of happiness discovering

 S U C C E S S


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