Thank you, that I could learn so much together with you
Thank you, that you exist, for being my student,
Thank you, for being my teacher,
Thank you, for carrying me on your back ..............
A recurrent theme in systemic work is
to respect the basic regulations of the family system
or to restore them.
Good solutions originate often from mindfulness and gratitude
Horses live in a herd, so to speak, in their clan
and also in our family system.
They want and need that we respect them as living creatures,
that we give them their proper place as
students and that we face them as their teachers, respectfully.
Then love and power can flow in the right direction.
You have done it already before?
That we give them their proper place as
students and we respectfully face them as their teachers.
Then love and power can flow in the right
"Get first the heart and mind of your horse bevor you work with it!"
Marius Schneider
Have you ever thought about being grateful to your horse
its previous owner, your teachers, your students?
GRATITUDE changes our viewing angle
Situations that might have been or are difficult and unacceptable,
suddenly receive a different quality.
We look at them from a different perspective.
Shawn Achor - Harvard professor, discovered during a Long-term study in 45 countries
that we have to shift our viewpoint into the positive in our lifes:
They lead to a stronger sense of happiness, that is the
key to success.
Why aren’t we using this in our relationship with horses?
Our horses also want to be successful in small steps
with us and we with them - performance
Isn’t it the first place, but the basis for this is
The resultant feeling of happiness makes it possible
and will give us success.
It then will adjust by himself.
It is then built on a good foundation.
Achor pleads that we should find every day three
things that we are grateful for, and that for 21 days.
It would be worthwhile to try this out!
I recommend to you,
your horse,
his herd,
its origin and previous owner
your teachers,
your work with him,
the environment and nature in which it lives ........
Look at them with attentiveness and gratitude.
For that I wish you pleasure in discovering and
Christine Huss-Doliana
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